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so what the fuck is going on in the fucking world? this shit is ass fucked. the ad that comes up when i log in is fucking my ass, and marsellus wallace dont like to be ass fucked by anybody but mrs wallace. it used to be that the ad would fuck up and you could close it real fast, but now these fuckers are on to us and i have to sit and wait patiently before i can do shit. it gives me time to reflect, and i dont want to fucking reflect right now, i want to post this cool picture i found and then get the fuck out. sometimes i read what my friends say, but mostly i just get the fuck out. now im so heated that i just have to sit here and write my angst away, but it doesnt fucking go the fuck away. it builds inside me and i can feel it make me shake, but i dont look like im shaking, im just shaky on the inside. this isnt even good. why the fuck should i feel this way? if i had just waited the fucking thirty seconds and busied my mind with something else then posted the picture and gotten the fuck out, i surely wouldnt fucking still be thinking of my problems in life. i should stop writing this, but i intend to try not to be dissuaded from writing, because if i could keep this fire fueled while feeling about good thoughts, i would be really fucking happy. it is possible that this is not possible. it was my new years resolution to write more, and i have written less. fucking somebody once said that it isnt a crime to write less if you have nothing to say or some shit. anyways, this was on daze of our lives

the caption reads: Although it took a week of devoted glaring, Colin's bold stand
eventually resulted in the return of his shirt.


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